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We have dissolved our agreement with : Nexxon for our synthetic sleeves WA per 10/7/2012

New Costing sheet available


Our new costing sheet is now available.

Web Page update


ROLON is happy to announce a substantial restructure of marketing and distribution strategy. We will redesign our webpage to reflect our new direction.

Rolon to focus on support for Retail Outlets

Our new web site is now being develloped

It will include a store locator and shopping cart for the stores

ROLON has completed strategic changes to our marketing procedure and turned focus upon the supply and support to Retail Outlet Stores and their distribution networks. This will ensure you will experience easier access to our products.

Rolon however will support and supply to individual painters when geographically necessary.

We are now importing new products.

Note: this Rolon painting accesories website will be renewed.





Most popular


Goldstripe rollers

The best roller in Australia. Worth every cent you spent. Wash out easily and very low splatter. Very strong fabric.

Unique Glass and Tile Cleaner

Unique stainless steel wool
Selling NOW

Vincent Brushes

High quality brush competing favourably with Purdy: Excellent finish, holds more pait, washes out easier. Exploring the market now. Comming soon.....

Purdy brushes

Market leader for synthetic brushes. High quality and long lasting.  We have the best range in Australia and stock 3 different lines.

Wooster Brushes

Outperforming Purdy in New Zealand and the US. We stock 3 ranges , 2 of them compete with Purdy and one with ABC Monarch Advance.
We also stock high quality frames , wire brushes and roller poles from Wooster.

ABC Monarch Brushes

Good value semi-professional quality for the larger contractors.



Why buy from ROLON

Our aim is to make you successful. We want to contribute to your business and make sure you do well.

Our intention is to make our ROLON rollers and accessories are available for every painter in Australia

We will supply high quality tools to Australian painters

So we help you with your orders, select the right products with you and remind you to look at your stock level.  If you need a product we can not supply, then we will try to direct you and help you to find it. And next time you will ask us first... If you have issues with tools then we will try to solve it.  We might even help you with a business plan or with a computer problem.  

We want to be that partner in business and make your business a success.

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About us

Rolon was established by Ludo de Lathouder. He studied physics (Bphys) and business administration (MBA). He was a material manger (purchasing, planning and warehouses) for a high-tech international machine factory and a project manager for an international software company. He migrated in 1990 from Holland to Australia. He worked for Wyco for some time before starting Rolon.

Rolon started 1994 with sheepskin rollers. We have now shifted out focuss To distribute to our high quality Synthetic rollers retail outlets and will soon add more quality products. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

 We have increase our covarage via retail outlets with 100% s ince august 2012.

  For more information about our policy and latest costing sheets please follow this link.




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