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Vestan Roller

Vestan Yellow Rollers 11mm Nap

This (knitted ) fabric is excellent for epoxy floor coatings: “This is the best roller I have found so far for epoxy… they are great”

The fibre is polyester which is a cheaper fabric so excellent for single use epoxy flooring. All sleeves are thermo-bonded which means that the fabric is melted onto the polypropylene tube.

The higher quality nylon white rollers are also used for epoxy and can be re-used. This is especially useful for the 100 mm baby rollers, used in the marine industry.

Colour pattern:

  • Yellow ( to be replaced by the identical vestan white rollers over time)

Available Sizes:

  • 230 mm -11″
  • 270 mm -14″
  • 460 mm-18″


For a full price list pleaseĀ contact us.

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