• Vincent brushes are very nice brushes for a very small price. They are excellent cutting -in brushes. We would qualify them as a good medium quality brush.

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Rolon is a wholesale supplier of professional accessories designed for painting Australia

We supply to Inspirations, Paint Place, Bristol, PaintRight , Dulux Trade centres, Wattyl and other shops. We occasionally supply end-users directly but only if shops in the area do not support our products.

We had a price increase early 2022 of about 10% after 3 years  Since 2022 we did not change our prices despite the pressure for all sides.

We are specialised in paint roller fabrics.  For questions like ” what is the best type of fabric for acrylic wall paint” call us. We have an extensive knowledge of fabrics, their properties and applications. We will advise paint companies, shops and painters.

The quality of paint rollers depends mainly on:

  • The type of fibre: poly amide, microfiber, poly-acrylic and poly-ester
  • The structure of the fabric. It plays a very important role. Our Goldstripe and Terracotta are both poly-amide rollers but behave very different.

Follow this link for more info about the difference between cheap fabrics and quality fabrics.