About Us


Rolon is a Queensland based company selling  painting accessories

Our aim at Rolon is to supply high quality products.

Quality Painting Accessories

Rolon started by making and selling high quality sheepskin rollers. Local production of sheepskin stopped many years ago. The main reasons where environmental problems and production cost. At the same time, the quality of synthetic rollers improved dramatically. Rolon is now distributing high quality synthetic rollers, brushes and other painting accessories. Our customers are quality paint-  and hardware stores and trade across Australia.

Become A Rolon Reseller

You can find out products in Wattyl, Bristol, Taubmans , Dulux trade centres selected Inspirations shops and some Haymes and other stores.  We also supply painters in areas, where we do not have sufficient support from the retail shops.

Dulux Trade Centre customers,

Dulux is now part of Nippon. We had some differences some time ago and our products where not available in the Dulux Trade Centers . These differences have now been resolved and we expect our rollers will be available again soon ( dated end October). We allways have been supplying selected Inspirations Outlets which are not part of the Dulux group.

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