Paint Rollers


Synthetic fabrics have improved dramatically. We are highly specialised in paint roller fabrics and have extensive knowledge about fabrics and materials.

We are the sole supplier of this wide and unique range of European fabrics. They are only available in high quality paint shops or in limited cases direct via us ( if your local paint shop does not stock our products).

The rollers are specially designed for the Australian painters. They compete in quality and price easily with the best in the market. They are supplied with a quality warranty. We will replace all rollers that have a manufacturing fault, providing they are used and cared for according to professional standards. Our cage rollers are made to order for us. Many of the fabrics for our paint rollers are in turn specifically made to order for our supplier. Our supplier sources fabrics mostly from German manufacturers. The are sometimes highly specialised in a limited number of exclusive fabrics. They often develop their own production technology.

Many of our high quality rollers are made with Poly-amide fabrics. Poly-amide is a family of strong materials which include Nylon ( Dupont) and natural fibers as wool and silk. Kevlar (body armor) also belongs to the family.
We also supply high quality paint rollers coated with TEFLON™ surface protector and special rollers for acrylic gloss. For enamels we recommend the velour.

We are supplying shops around Australia and we encourage painters to buy from the paint shops. We do in special circumstances supply painting contractors directly if paint shops in the area choose not to supply these customers.

Advantages of Rolon Rollers:Roller range

  • high quality, long lasting
  • unique fabrics, every roller has a unigue pattern/colour
  • used by Dulux award winners
  • they load up well and release the paint easily
  • more kilometers/ mileage
  • less splatter
  • wash out easily
  • more productive/ more m2 per hour

It is worth buying a quality rollers. Doing more m2 per day means you will earn back the extra cost withing a day of painting. See our article for more details: A better roller: earn back your money in 2 hours.

Our range of Rolon Rollers sorted mainly by pile height/nap length and includes:

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