Epoxy Rollers

We have a very nice epoxy rollers with is used by several larger companies. We stock most of them in 230 mm (9″) , 270 mm (11″) and 460 mm (18″).

  1. Vestan Yellow 11mm: “this is the best roller I have found so far…they are great”
  2. Royal 7mm: high quality lint free epoxy roller
  3. Nylon White 14 mm: High quality epoxy roller

Most rollers in Australia will be strongly affected by Xylene and Toluene. These solvents are known to be toxic and are therefore not used in many countries in the world. Follow the links for details.

Here is an interesting fact: Toluene had also been used in the process of removing the cocaine from coca leaves in the production of Coca-Cola syrup.