Mini Rollers

We have a great variety of mini/baby roller/nook and crannies available

  • We have 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and 160 mm rollers in the Goldstripe.Mini Roller range
  • The Microstripe special roller is a microfiber roller with a 9 mm pile. It gives you an excellent finish. Very economical and good for low sheen and industrial coatings. The microfiber is also available in a premium Microstripe version.
  • We also have a very nice gloss baby rollers (4 mm) in premium gloss and gloss special version, royal roller (7mm) and MultiColour (14mm) rollers. They have a large diameter and are give a beautiful finish.
  • We have for the gloss a premium Microcrated foam roller with a large diameter