Sell out Wooster

This page lists the brushes, wire brushes , poles and frames and rollers. We are selling out all items listed. The quantities will not be updated so be quick before you miss out on the liquidation sales for Wooster items. All prices are ex GST and ex freight.

Wooster brushes

  • Advantage brushes

Advantage brushes are a mixture of synthetic bristle and natural bristle. These high quality brushes are used for water based and oil based paints. For the table with the prices follow this link

description price quantity
63 mm Advantage Mix Sash $15 344732-63
75 mm Advantage Mix Sash $17 444732-75

  • Alpha Brushes

The Alpha bristle is a relatively new bristle from Wooster. It combines a highly accurate cutting in brush with a smooth and soft bristle. It is one of the best brushes available in Australia. There are not many available as far as we know so be quick to snap up the last ones available for an incredible price.

description price qty Wooster code
63 mm Alpha Semi Oval $25.50 6 4235-2 1/2
75 mm Alpha Semi Oval $28.50 64235-3
63 mm Alpha Sash$ 20.00 264232-2 1/2
75 mm Alpha Sash$ 22.00 464232-3
50 mm Alpha Thin Angle Sash $13.00 204230-2
63 mm Alpha Thin Angle Sash $17.50 354230-2 1/2
38 mm Alpha Thin Wall brush $12.00 104233_1 1/2
50 mm Alpha Thin Wall brush $13.00 214233_2
75 mm Alpha Thin Wall brush $19.00 404233_3
75 mm Alpha Thick Wall brush $23.00 1184234_3
  • The Ultra-Pro brushes
  1. Bengal Very thick short handle wall brush
  2. Jaguar Thick wall short handle brush
  3. Sable Thin short handle wall brush
  4. Mink Long handle sash cutter
  5. Lindbeck Long handle angle sash cutter
  6. Willow Thin long handle angle sash cutter

descriptionpriceQtyWooster code
63 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Bengal Wall $2934182-63
75mm Ultra/Pro Firm Bengal Wall $31454182- 75
100 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Bengal Wall $35204182-100
75 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Jaguar Shergrip Wall$30714185-75
75 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Jaguar Wall$25494173-75
88 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Jaguar Wall$29294173-88
100 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Jaguar Wall$34114173-100
25 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Wall$13104176-25
38 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Wall$14114176-38
50 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Wall$19164176-50
63 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Wall$2324176-63
75 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Sable Wall$25804176-75
38 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Mink Sash$1244175-38
50 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Mink Sash$14144175-50
63 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Mink Sash$16404175-63
75 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Mink Sash$19424175-75
50mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Shergrip Asash$14224184-50
63mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Shergrip Asash$16544184-63
75mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Shergrip Asash$19364184-75
38 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Asash$1284174-38
50mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Asash$14804174-50
63 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Asash$161024174-63
75 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Asash$19404174-75
88 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Asash$27.5064174-88
38 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Willow Asash$14344181-38
50 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Willow Asash$19304181-50
63 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Willow Asash$23484181-63
75 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Willow Asash$25604181-75
88 mm Ultra/Pro Firm Willow Asash$27124181-88

  • Silvertip brushes

This special bristle is developed for medium quality brushes used by most painters looking for an economical brush and a great performance.

DescriptionPriceQTYwooster code
50 mm Silver Tip Thin Wall$6.0035222-50
63 mm Silver Tip Thin Wall$8.0015222-63
75 mm Silver Tip Thin Wall$9.00555222-75
75 mm Silver Tip Thick Wall$12.001475223-75
75 mm Silver Tip Sash$9.50355220-75
63 mm Silver Tip Angle Sash$9.00285221-63
75 mm Silver Tip Angle Sash$9.50655221-75
38 mm Silver Tip Thin Angle Sash$6.0035224-38
63 mm Silver Tip Thin Angle Sash$9.00355224-63
75 mm Silver Tip Thin Angle Sash$9.50665224-75

Sherlock Extension Poles

Descriptionpriceqtywooster code
Ext Pole Sherlock Wooster 0.3-0.6m (1′-2′)$3034R053
Ext Pole Sherlock Wooster 0.6-1.2m (2′-4′)$4019R054
Ext Pole Sherlock Wooster 1.2-2.4m (4′-8′)$5022R055
Ext Pole Sherlock Wooster 1.8-3.6m (6′-12′)$6011R056
Ext Pole Sherlock Wooster 2.4-4.8m (8′-16′)$707R057
Ext Pole Sherlock Wooster Maintenance Kit$105FR950

Sherlock roller frames

230 Sherlock Roller frame Wooster$2048R017
360 Sherlock Roller frame Wooster$358R017-14
Adjustable Yoke Frame Wooster Wide Boy$353R087
Roller Gauge wheels for Wooster Yoke frame$282R082

Pro-Doo_Z wooster rollers

230 mm Pro Doo_Z Wooster 10 mm Nap$645RR642-9
270 mm Pro Doo_Z Wooster 10 mm Nap$748RR642-11
360 mm Pro Doo_Z Wooster 10 mm Nap$1041RR642-14

Wire Brushes Wooster

Wire brush Prep Plane Wooster$11?1822
Wire Brush Industrial Scrubber Wooster$11?1825