Sell Out specials

Sell out WoosterThe following product lines will be on special sales until sold out.

  1. Wooster

Wooster is one of the best synthetic brushes together with Purdy and several others. We have several lines:

    • The Alpha range: Newest bristle from Wooster. Best appreciated by painters who like a bit softer brush.
    • The Ultra Pro : traditional nylon /polyester bristle. The closest bristle to the Purdy ranges
    • The Silver tip range: economical range from Wooster. I would class them as middle of the range. Quality compares to for instance ABC brushes ( The Chinese made brush from the Australian Brushware Corporation)

We also have extension Poles from Wooster. The longer poles will have special freight charges

    • Extension poles
    • Rollers
  1. Purdy
  2. Vincent brushes
  3. Selected rollers
  4. Other items

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