For the walls we have several rollers that will deliver the quality and speed you need.

  1. The 9 mm “Micro Stripe” roller. It gives an excellent finish. Suitable for high quality finish. Often used by painters who high quality projects and are very particular about there tools. The are also the first choice for sealing gyprock. This fabric is also used for acrylic gloss.
  2. The most popular fabric is our “Gold stripe” roller with a 12 mm fabric. An excellent, fast and convenient fabric: strong, washes out extremely well and does not splatter. This fabric is unrivaled despite the copies and look-alike Chinese versions.
  3. We also have a microfiber roller in the 12 mm: MicroStripe Blue. The roller is an alternative for the roller from Selleys/ICI Unilever. The roller is becoming more and more popular
  4. For thicker paint we have more economical poly-ester fabrics available in 10, 11, 12 and 14 mm. That is a standard quality fabric for an excellent price.