Wall Roller

For the walls we have several rollers that will deliver the quality and speed you need.

  1. The 9 mm “Micro Stripe” roller , white with a yellow and orange line. It gives an excellent finish. Suitable for high quality finish. Often used by painters who high quality projects and are very particular about there tools. The are also the first choice for sealing gyprock. This fabric is also used for acrylic gloss. The Microstripe blue/microfiber blue is the 12 mm nap version.
  2. The most popular European fabric is our “Gold stripe” roller with a 12 mm fabric. An excellent, fast and convenient fabric: strong, washes out extremely well and does not splatter. This fabric is unrivalled despite the copies and look-alike Chinese versions.The Goldstripe is available in 2 versions:
    1. Stapled version: the tread is spun like a woollen tread out of short pieces. This has the advantage that the ends of the fibres are spread out trough the nap. The roller feels softer and holds more paint and gives a great finish. The fabric is a low lint fabric which means it needs to be properly worked in. Use it for undercoat first till all lint is removed. This roller is white with a double yellow stripe.
    2. The continuous version feels a bit rougher. It is virtually lint free and give a little bit more orange peel. We have a slight preference for the stapled version (the original type) but if you have concern about lint you should use this continuous version (white with one single yellow line)
  3. Our Microstripe Green with Teflon ™ surface protector comes in 12 mm and 18 mm. It is a high quality fine poly-amide. The fabric is highly efficient, strong, gives an excellent finish and is easy to clean. It is an superior time saver for the painters.  The fabric is white with 2 green stripes (12 mm) and three green stripes (18 mm).
  4. We also have a microfiber roller in the 12 mm: MicroStripe Blue.  The roller is becoming more and more popular. The fabric is very similar to the 9 mm fabric under 1. This roller is being replaced by the Microfibre blue which is white with speckled blue. The alternative is identical except for the colours.
  5. For thicker paint we have more economical poly-ester fabrics available in 10, 11, 12 and 14 mm. That is a standard quality fabric for an excellent price.

Teflon ™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC