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Nylon Roller

Nylon White Rollers- 12 mm Nap

This sleeve is a top quality sleeve for epoxy flooring: This sleeve is especially used where lint is an issue. Like all rollers, work in well and your work should be virtually free of lint.

There are 2 categories of fabrics: Knitted and woven fabrics. This Nylon White is the high quality woven fabric.

Al sleeves are thermo-bonded (=melted) onto polypropylene. Excellent for harsh epoxies.

Please note that some epoxies are so aggressive that any roller will desolve in the end.   We are not aware of a better roller than the Nylon white. We also supply this fabric as a baby roller to the marine industry since it can be reused several times with very aggressive epoxy’s.

Colour pattern:

  • White, no lines

Available sizes:

  • 100 mm baby roller -4″
  • 270 mm-11″
  • 460 mm-18″


For a full price list please contact us.

nylon white; black small2

Nylon White – 12 mm Nap

Royal Rollers 7mm Nap

The Royal rollers are designed for varnish, but work well for semi gloss and are excellent rollers for fine epoxy jobs. They hold more paint than the velour rollers and are a good alternative for painters who prefer a longer nap for gloss.

The rollers are made from high quality lint free fabric and are excellent for delicate epoxy jobs. For standard epoxy jobs however we suggest a longer nap like the economical Vestan Yellow or Vestal White or the lint free Nylon white.

Colour pattern:

  • White with a yellow and black stripe

Available Sizes:

  • 270 mm -11″
  • 460 mm -18″


For a full price list please contact us.

royal; red small3