Microstripe Rollers 9mm Nap

This roller is an excellent high quality micro-fibre roller for the walls. The roller is only to be used for water based paint. It leave a better finish then the Goldstripe but you need more time to wash out the roller. Specially popular with painters who service the high end of the market.

The roller is also available in 12 mm ( Microfiber blue and it’s earlier version Microstripe blue). The 9 mm microfiber fabric has its own identifying colours since the nap size is different than the 12 mm microfibre.

The roller is also excellent for sealing Gyprock walls and large contractors sometimes use the roller for glossing ( acrylic gloss!)  doors. Do not load up to heavy if you use it for acrylic gloss. Of course coating needs to be tipped off with a fine brush.

This is a roller with many qualities and value for money.

Colour pattern:

  • White with a yellow and orange stripe

Available Sizes:

  • 230 mm -11″
  • 270 mm -11″
  • 360 mm -14″
  • 460 mm -18″


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microstripe 9mm size range; white small1