Goldstripe Rollers 12 mm Nap

These high quality, unrivaled rollers have strong support in the market. An exclusive German produced fabric, made from a continuous polyamide fiber to reduce lint. Specially twisted during weaving and partly opened up to increase the paint holding capacity. Polyamide is best for water-based paint because it’s affinity to water. Polyester has an affinity to oil based solvents and the special polyester backing of this fabric makes it also suitable for oil-based paints. For more detailed information on the fabric properties and performance see our Goldstripe 12mm Fabric Information sheet.

The previous version of this fabric was made from a discontinuous fiber. Our supplier has chosen for the higher quality -continuous- fiber. We realise that some painters prefer the original fabric which seem to have a slightly better productivity due to the lager number of “loose ends” inside the fabric. The materials in both fabrics are identical.  The golden stripe of the old fabric is slightly fainter than the new brighter stripe.


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160mm Goldstripe Rollers 12 mm Nap

230mm Goldstripe Rollers 12 mm Nap

270mm Goldstripe Rollers 12 mm Nap

360mm Goldstripe Rollers 12 mm Nap

460mm Goldstripe Rollers 12 mm Nap


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Goldstripe 12mm Nap