Microstripe 3 Green Rollers – 18 mm Nap

The high quality Microstripe 3 Green 18 mm  with Teflon ™ surface protector is one of the newer fabrics available. It is the first synthetic roller that behaves a little like lambs wool. The secret of this roller is very fine poly-amide specially spun and twisted and coated with Teflon ™ surface protector .  In other words: a very nice finish, good coverage, easy to wash out and exceptional absorption and release of paint. The coated rollers with Teflon ™ surface protector are strong performers in the market. Only available from ROLON and its retail customers.

               Teflon TM is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC

Colour pattern:

  • White with 3 green stripes

Available Sizes:

  • 270 mm -11″
  • 360 mm -14″


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microstripe teflon green18mm; blue small2