Goldstripe Rollers – 18 mm Nap

This is a unique ceiling roller. The rollers has durable, minimal splatter, absorbs well, good coverage and is easy to wash. The fibres stapled poly-amid. Stapled fibres are spun from short pieces like a woolen thread. This means the ends of the separate fibres are spread out between the bottom and the top of the nap.

The stapled fibres need extra attention before use: wash out well and next use the for undercoat to remove all lint from the manufacturing process.

This roller can also be used outside but we normally recommend the terracotta for outside work.

Colour pattern:

  • White with wide yellow lineĀ  ( the 12 mm roller has yellow lines closer together)

Available Sizes:

  • 270 mm -11″
  • 360 mm -14″
  • 460 mm-18″


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goldstripe18mm; black small2