Vestan Yellow Rollers 11mm Nap

This (knitted ) fabric is excellent for epoxy floor coatings: “This is the best roller I have found so far for epoxy… they are great”

The fibre is polyester. Normally not the preferred choice for epoxy flooring but it is economical. It seem to work very well for single use epoxy flooring. All sleeves are thermo-bonded which means that the fabric is melted onto the polypropylene tube.

The higher quality nylon white rollers are also used for epoxy and can be re-used. This is especially useful for the 100 mm baby rollers, used in the marine industry.

Colour pattern:

  • Yellow ( to be replaced by the identical vestan white rollers over time)

Available Sizes:

  • 230 mm -11″
  • 270 mm -14″
  • 460 mm-18″


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vestan yellow; white small1