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4mm Nap

Gloss Velour Rollers 4mm Nap

These Gloss Velour Rollers with 4mm nap are the modern high quality alternative to the mohair roller. Work the roller in and you have a lint free roller that gives you an excellent finish. No need to brush off. This rollerĀ  is a pressure release roller like the mohair type gloss rollers . Velour is a woolen fibre and mohair is made from goat hair. The backing from our velour roller is cotton.

Some painters will still brush the finished surface off with a very soft Purdy Syntox brush, depending on the requirements of the finish. You also could use a 7 mm Royal roller if you want a longer nap.

Colour pattern:

  • Beige

Available Sizes:

  • 180 mm -7″
  • 230 mm -9″
  • 270 mm -11″
  • 460 mm -18″

The rollers come in a range of sizes from 180mm to 460mm.


For a full price list pleaseĀ contact us.

gloss velour 4mm; white small2