Microfibre blue

Microfibre Blue Roller 12 mm Nap

The Microfibre blue has a 12 mm microfiber pile and gives a beautiful finish. The fabric is the same as the 9 mm version with the yellow and orange stripe.  The 12 mm holds a bit more paint and the finish is slightly less smooth.

Micro fibre fabrics are only to be used for water based paints.

This fabric ( white with speckled blue) is the replacement for by the Microstripe blue ( white with blue line ) which is identical but has a different colour pattern.

Colour patterns:

  • White with blue line ( to be replaced over time by the identical Micro fibre blue)
  • White with speckled blue (identical to the above apart from the colours)

Available Sizes:

  • 270 mm -11″
  • 360 mm -14″


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270mm Microfibre Blue Roller 12 mm Nap

Microfibre blue