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Terracotta Green 21 mm

This roller is a impressive roller for all outside jobs and even ceilings . We receive comments like” very versatile roller” and “we used it on everything”. The fabric is very durable. The fabric keeps its volume when loaded up and does not flatten.

This type is now the most popular long nap fabric This Green Terracotta fabric is made from poly-amide 66 which is specially treated to give the fibres a spring-type feature so it holds it shape better. After production of the fabric the twisted fibres are opened up to increase the active surface of the fibres. It holds therefore up to 30% more paint than similar fabrics.

Poly-amid 66 or PA6/6 is an aliphatic semi-crystalline homo-poly amide ( Alifatic  is from the greek word for fat, oil). It is know for high strength, stiffness, chemical resistance for hydrocarbons, heat resistant and wear resistance and high water absorption. Poor resistance resistance though to acids and bases. For more detailed information see the Terracotta 21mm  Fabric Information 

The Terracotta Green replaces the old Red sleeve with blue line which is no longer produced by our supplier. The pinky type Multicolour sleeve is a 21 mm alternative.

If you did not try this roller yet you will miss a valuable experience.

Colour pattern:

  • Green with blue line 

Available Sizes:

  • 230 mm -9″ only available in the green version
  • 270 mm -11″ available in the red version until 2020
  • 360 mm -14″ still available in the red version until mid 2020
  • 460 mm-18″ – only available in the red version at this stage


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Microfibre blue

Microfibre Blue Roller 12 mm Nap

The Microfibre blue has a 12 mm microfiber pile and gives a beautiful finish. The fabric is the same as the 9 mm version with the yellow and orange stripe.  The 12 mm holds a bit more paint and the finish is slightly less smooth.

Micro fibre fabrics are only to be used for water based paints.

This fabric ( white with speckled blue) is the replacement for by the Microstripe blue ( white with blue line ) which is identical but has a different colour pattern.

Colour patterns:

  • White with blue line ( to be replaced over time by the identical Micro fibre blue)
  • White with speckled blue (identical to the above apart from the colours)

Available Sizes:

  • 270 mm -11″
  • 360 mm -14″


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270mm Microfibre Blue Roller 12 mm Nap

Microfibre blue