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Microstripe Blue Roller 12 mm Nap

The Microstripe blue has a 12 mm microfiber pile and gives a beautiful finish. The fabric is the same as the 9 mm version with the yellow and orange stripe.  The 12 mm holds a bit more paint and the finish is slightly less smooth.

Micro fibre fabrics are only to be used for water based paints.

This fabric ( white with blue line) will be replaced by the microfiber blue ( white with speckled blue) which is identical but has a different colour pattern.

Colour pattern:

  • White with blue line ( to be replaced over time by the identical Micro fibre blue)
  • White with speckled blue (identical to the above apart from the colours)

Available Sizes:

  • 270 mm -11″
  • 360 mm -14″


For a full price list or to become a registered Rolon Customer, please contact us.

270mm Microstripe Blue Roller 12 mm Nap

microstripe blue; white small2

This fabric will be replaced by the Microfiber Blue fabric below

Microfibre blue

Acrylic Gloss Roller With 5mm Nap

Acrylic Gloss Roller With 5 mm Nap

This fabric is specially designed for acrylic (water based) gloss, well tested in Europe and relatively new on the market here in Australia. The high quality felt gives an excellent finish.

Colour pattern:

  • Yellow with 2 orange line

Available Sizes:

  • 230 mm -9″
  • 270 mm -12″


For a full price list please contact us.

gloss acrylic 5mm; white small2